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Little Five Points has established itself as Atlanta’s most eclectic, independent, and bohemian retail area, a shopping and entertainment district that catered to locals, OTPers, and tourists looking for offbeat items and up-and-coming bands, and drifters ranging from the down-on-their-luck to train kids looking for a handout. But for all the colorful murals that adorn the walls and dreadlocks that wave in the wind, L5P is not just an enclave of hippies, gutter punks, and punks — it’s arguably Atlanta’s most full-service community, with a grocery store, pharmacy, dentist, counselor, optometrist, pizza joint, shoe store, bicycle shop, and even a credit union. Some businesses have been located there 30 years. Indeed, the air hums with creative energy. Come to Little Five and get a healthy dose of theater at 7 Stages, your music cravings satisfied with performances at Variety Playhouse, and even on-the-spot poetry created just for you as you walk on the sidewalks. Little Five is the place to expect anything. Yes, there’s even regular juggling practice. Another thing Little Five does particularly well is street art, which adorns several buildings around the area and ranges from musical to historical to patriotic to urban. Take it all in.The best part about Little Five is the amount of help you receive. Whether it’s obscure music, records, vintage dress or a piece of jewelry you seek, there’s an expert in Little Five Points. Looking to buy records on wax? Start at Little Five.

AREA Highlights

  • Variety Play House
  • Vintage Stores
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife
  • The Vortex
  • Star Bar
  • Street Art
  • Dining
  • Live Music

Little Five Points Schools

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